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email address database

Where can i find an email address database?

Tips For Building Your Database of Email Addresses


Why build your email address database data?


Won the customer's email address you will:


Provide additional channels to reach customers

Increase the ROI of your marketing investment

significantly reducing customer acquisition and marketing

You easier to measure the impact of your marketing campaigns

Improve your customer participation and retention rates

Pos budget pressures and the impact of ongoing marketing telemarketing for many organizations this year, email marketing could be a "positive side" for many marketers. But how to create a successful marketing campaign via email if you do not have a large database of email? This issue may be one of the biggest challenges facing Internet companies this year.


Research shows that most organizations have email addresses for less than 10% of their postal files. So how level the playing field and start to add quality permission - based email address in your database?


Here are some tips that you can use to build profitable email address of your database data and increase participation rates and customer retention:




Every point of communication with clients or touch to start or end with a request for an email address. Using four points below, you should be able to add email addresses from 5% to 10% of your postal file more than one year.


1. Direct Mail Collection


Think about how much time and money you spent for copy and design on a piece of your last new direct mail. Most companies have started to ask their customers for their email address information in the shipment. This is a big step forward. However, the company must overcome major improvement if they want to increase their rates to collect email addresses.


For now, the email address that most information requests have been pushing, shoving or pasted into any space left blank. Not surprisingly, the success rate is less than stellar.


To enhance these efforts should provide its members a reason to release their email address for you. E-newsletters, purchase confirmations, petitions and special discounts and offers are some of the benefits that will encourage their members to come on board.


2. Web Page Collection


Many companies have a function to collect e-mail addresses in place through the web. To increase enrollment, add text in an email application that informs visitors emails they receive special benefits (ie, newsletters, purchase confirmations, delivery updates, etc.) when registering. You can also use the pop-up link to inform users of special benefits.


Finally, your email address in accordance with the application should be available on your page. Do not make your users go see. For every click from the home page reduces the chances of its members to act and provide you with information of an email address.


3. There is a collection of email database


Do not forget to ask the members existing customer base for email addresses of friends, family and colleagues. Viral marketing is a powerful tool to use and very profitable! They can ask either to provide additional addresses or simply send your newsletters, special offers email, or other information to others they feel have similar interests.


4. Telemarketing Collection


Do not assume that your telemarketing agents ask for email addresses of potential customers. Make sure your agent has updated the script, which has the advantages described above potential clients to provide their email address.


The suggestions above are a good start! However, it really should be considered a secondary plan for building a data base of your email. Growing exponentially and their basic data faster email, please read on!


EMAIL annexation


By adding the use of e-mail service allows you to add email addresses of up to 25% of your email file, all within 3-4 weeks.


Email add - is the process of adding email from one person to save this postcard in the existing database. This is done by matching the postal database against a license and email addresses by third-party database information.


Good practice - email add is not prospecting tool. DMA (Direct Marketing Association) and its interactive arm AIM (Association of Interactive Marketing) has guidelines in place that dictate that email add is used to add an email address for an exception in a zip file from an existing log home.


Process - you select an email file attachments are transferred to the supplier of the electronics, which will make the game a dirty email address beginning your files against a database of opt-in address data and records of his e-mail. Adding provider will then send these matches a system based on authorization message prepared by you. All bounces and unsubscribe requests will be deleted from the list. At the time the e-mail address file is valid based on the authorization of the customer will be sent to you.


Cost - less than the price of a postage stamp!




The first step in any email marketing efforts is to build a successful email list based on the authorization of the customer. The easiest, quickest and most cost effective thing to do is email the annexation, which allows you to add email addresses of up to 25% of your email file. Efforts secondary collection of email addresses is handled via direct mail, web, viral and telemarketing practices are also important and will allow you to add email addresses with an additional 5% to 10% of the base annual basis.


Good luck building your email address database data. As many companies have learned, cost savings and ROI to be achieved now exceed your expectations.

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