How to use a consumer database for your marketing needs.

consumer database

Consumers of potential customers database are worth their weight in gold when you start a new business or even looking for new customers to an existing business. Internet is a great place to find a company that provides these cables, but you must know what you want before deciding on a company. Your choices are the type of business or customer you want to achieve and how you want to contact them.

The time lost contact with someone who has no interest in your product or service and money by paying employees to do so is lost. A health care company for small businesses, for example, want to limit the activities refer to the maximum number of employees who meet their criteria. A health care company, which provides additional insurance for people who are on Medicare, do not waste time calling the youth.


Type the list provided is for consumers, businesses, car, mortgage, non-profit, the new owners, occupants, finance, insurance, home improvement and specialty. It can be divided by geography, age, income, gender, marital status, presence of children, the head of the family, interests, buying patterns, the value of the home and the length of stay. It may take a little research of your business in the past, but it will save a lot of time and money if the right target area is obtained contact you.


Your second option is how you contact new customers. You can use the phone, mail or email. the phone can be automated file either your phone number or encourage someone to talk to someone right away, or you can have a live person on the phone to start. letter is a brochure or postcard, or you can try two or more contacts until you decide what works best.


The important thing to remember is to target your customers and decide how you want to contact them. Companies that provide pilots help if necessary. You must follow the response you get from these contacts to see if you are right on target and if the working contact form.









Database Marketing Consumer Understanding


database marketing guide helps consumers more accurately to your potential customers and offer more in touch with them. Therefore, the database led marketing campaigns, which promises a greater chance of success and a better return on investment.


Implement database marketing to consumers


This type of analysis in the use of consumer marketing database stream include:


Regression analysis This technique can provide a list of prospects that are highly targeted to a particular offer. This is done by the consumer to print according to the corresponding characteristics. For example, here is a set of scoring rules for the likelihood that consumers respond to the offer of a luxury German cars: Add 50 points if they bought a luxury car before

Add 50 points if the preceding car is German

Add 30 points if they earn more than £ 50,000

Deduct 10 points if they win more than £ 300,000

Reduced to 20 points if they are under 35. Once applied all the rules, each prospect has a total score and the higher the score, the higher the probability that the response to the offer. The scoring system is derived from the study of past behavior and can be very effective method when applied correctly.

Analysis CHAID CHAID (Chi-squared Automatic Interaction Detector) is a computer system that produces a shaped structure tree are potentially interesting leads by analyzing the database consumption according to predefined segments and past responses. After which areas are most likely to respond, and then the group divided according to all variable data. This process is repeated over and over again to give small groups of customers, each with an assigned probability score. By marketing the resulting list in order of probability, the return on investment can be maximized.

Cluster analysis Cluster analysis is broken down into different types of customers. Processing the database information of the raw materials and consumer classified into groups according to their characteristics. Therefore, in the cluster analysis, we see consumers listed in the database with the classification as "nest builders" or "liberal of the new era.

The main skills in the marketing database of consumption are not running the analysis software, but understand the data. The combination of statistical knowledge and excellent knowledge of marketing necessary to get the most out of marketing databases.

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