What is B2C and how does it differ from B2B

B2C marketing

If you're new to these terms, we will understand the meaning and essence of B2B and B2C to get a feel for them, which will make understanding the differences between B2B and B2C marketing easier.

B2B: B2B means business to business. Transactions between the two companies are called B2B. By participating in B2B marketing, this means that you have a business and want to sell products to several other businesses, rather than sell to end users.


B2C B2C means business to consumer. Transactions between companies and end users are known as B2C. For example, a corner store near his home involved in B2C transactions. virtual version of these stores are the e-shopping sites offering their products and services to people.


Now you can see clearly that the purpose of B2B marketing and B2C market is different. Now we can understand some of the fundamental differences between B2B and B2C marketing in terms of buying and selling process is concerned.


Process of buying and selling


The buying process in B2B marketing is for a longer period of time and many people of both parties involved in the whole process. In B2C marketing, much faster purchasing process.


Differences between B2B and B2C marketing, the sales process is quite clear. B2B sales organizations is not only involved in sales but also to participate in the service quality and customer relationship management with a company to sell their products. B2C marketing strategy to sell the common focus on customer satisfaction, and try to offer the best quote.


B2B sales costs are much higher than B2C sales, because sales of B2B is often made in large quantities. There is not much difference between B2B and B2C costs in terms of advertising and marketing is concerned and depending on the strategy adopted by the company. Gains also depends on the same.


Customer value is a key point of difference between B2B and B2C marketing. Since B2B marketing is to build long-term relationships, the average value of B2B sales is much higher than B2C.


If you look closely, you'll notice that the distinction between B2B and B2C marketing is the difference between an emotional perspective buyers. consumer attention on comfort, quality and price, while business buyers base their decision on increasing the profitability of their businesses. Therefore, the marketing strategy should be tailored to the type of marketing you choose.










B2C Marketing - What is it?


On the Internet, there are two types of marketing - B2B and B2C. B2B is "business to business" and B2C is 'Business to Consumer'. However, in recent years, two other terms are also increasingly and are B2E (Business to Employee) and B2G (Business to Government).


A B2C site is an e-commerce site that sells products or services typical of its customer base. However, there are some exceptions such as lead generation sites. The following website is basically to collect data from visitors to fill out forms. So many websites involved in the sale of these data to other providers are in the business of providing the product or service required. And because the person completing this opt-in form (opt-in), which sends a communication with him, has not considered spam. The person filling treated as a client website and lead generation that can also be called B2C. But this kind of websites often become as B2B.


B2C website may be the e-commerce site that is typical or institutions may also try to reach the customer base. For example, banks that allows customers to record and look account balance and can also transfer money in the field of B2C marketing. And here are some examples of some of the largest e-commerce sites which are generally B2C - Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo Stores, Barnesandnoble.com, Buy.com and others. Even the great traditional company goes in for B2C marketing, because they know that the customer base is also growing Internet. For example, Dell Corporation now allows visitors to the website to configure your computer. Here's how the company is engaged in B2C marketing.


What about the typical B2C marketing?


B2C marketing is great because the company is able to overcome geographical barriers and reach a global audience. In addition, the company is able to reach customers directly and cut all intermediaries that come into play when the products to be delivered in the traditional way. B2C marketing also allows companies to reduce costs.


Another great thing about B2C marketing is that it allows most commercial spaces. This means that even a small home business have the opportunity to compete with larger retailers, and because of the costs involved in B2C online marketing and much less traditional marketing.


For example, if you sell watches on the Internet, and if you are a small or medium size retailer, then it will be very difficult for you to make a place for themselves in the traditional market simply because the big brands have a poached. They can easily be overcome by hundreds of insertions in newspapers and television. But the B2C Marketing gives everyone equal. Well almost!

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