What is Consumer Direct Marketing?

consumer direct marketing

Consumer Direct Marketing is a form of marketing in which the consumer goes directly to communications about products and services. In this age of information explosion there are different channels for direct to consumer advertising, which is the main reason for the increasing popularity. text messaging cell phone, email, interactive website for consumption, online advertising, brochures, catalog distribution, promotional mail and outdoor advertising are some of the main means of direct marketing to the consumer. marketing messages emphasize customer focus, data and accountability.

The distinguishing feature of direct marketing to consumers is:


1. The message directly to customers and / or subscribers. Is the ability to address members of the target market. the ability to address a number of ways, including email address, mobile phone number, cookies, Internet browser, fax numbers and postal addresses.


2. Try to assemble a "call to action." For example, an ad may ask the prospect to call the toll free number or click on a link to a website.


3. Stresses traceability, customer feedback - measurable whatever the media. Direct marketing channels:


A. Email Marketing: This is the most common and reliable direct marketing.


B. Online tool: This channel is for people who use the Internet frequently


C. Mobile SMS and MMS are the main media marketing with mobile phones.


D. Telemarketing: Contact customers the tools directly on the phone are also very common.


E. Coupons: Coupons are used in print and digital media for a response from the reader. An example is a coupon that readers receive by mail and are required to start against the store to receive a discount.


The main advantage of marketing is that traders can know the results of their marketing since received a direct response from consumers. In traditional advertising such measures are impossible. The measurement of results is an essential element of effective marketing. The Internet has made it easier for the marketing manager to measure the results of campaigns. This is usually achieved by using a specific landing page of the site are directly related to promotional materials. A call to action will encourage customers to visit landing pages, and campaign effectiveness can be measured by taking the sum of distributed promotional messages (eg 1000) and dividing by the number of responses (people visiting the website single page). Another way to measure performance is to compare sales or leads generated by a given period of time with actual sales opportunities or planned after direct mail campaigns.










Consumer Direct Marketing and the world of direct selling


So you're bored Society of America. Or you are just starting out and do not love their parents, who want to stay away from the cabins and in the world of the office. They want to have your own business so you can fire your boss and / or your time and release their salary cap. First, start a business requires a lot of money. If you do not have the cash flow to make your own business, how to direct consumer marketing and / or direct sales? There are many companies out there that offer this option with little cost to you. Instead of starting your own business with minimal start-up costs and you have a company and generally have a support team behind you to help you along the way and take care of your article.


CUSTOMER IS direct marketing and / or sale direct to you?

You have an idea of ??the kind of products that will and will not be marketed. And now that? Before starting the process, it should be considered if it remains the best option for you. Of course, you will read all about the success of others on the website and you will see a salary that reflects a pretty intense income. The comfortable enough income and can meet the lifestyle is really big, beautiful home helps, a new brand of high-end cars and all the luxury you can think of. Maybe. Is that the standard? No no. Consider the following:


* Must be disciplined. This is the most important. Of course, you can work 10 hours a week and enjoyed hanging out with friends and all the free time of 10 weeks of work hours to give your life. But you do not earn much money and you certainly will not live lavishly.


* You must be dedicated. This means that you do not give when it becomes difficult. There will be times when you can not find someone to buy your product or to schedule a party at home and feel like I was on the wall. The point here is that if you can not handle the situation and leave, so never dedicated to owning your own business.


* Plan your work week. The fact that you are now "has its own time" that does not mean that you can walk without a schedule. When you make a phone call? When you are going to market your business? When you take the time to learn and train yourself to be an expert in your business when you work If you have children who watch while working because no matter what you think now? -? not to leave him alone, simply because that "mom or dad to work."


* Set your goals. What you want to achieve? You just replace your income in a full-time job or just make enough to pay rent and have extra money for dinner with friends? Or do you want to create a stable, adjust the income that will support his family, which allows you to take several holidays a year, buying your dream home, stay home with their children and registration in private schools can not pay your current lifestyle. What are you looking to achieve?


* What is your why? Why everyone should have when choosing the type of business. It could be as simple as the game / or virtual money that will be the college fund for children or really need the money to give you everything you need to survive in life and all the extras. Anything why, but when you are ready to begin, you need to stay focused on what you see ... and why every day. Make your why is big enough to achieve your goals when you feel you want to give up. If it is legitimate then why you can succeed in your business of choice.


So - What is direct marketing or direct sales to the consumer for you? Then it's time to decide which company you want to work, what products you can be proud to represent and what to do to start is.


Do your research. What is your passion? Do you like jewelry or maybe blue jeans If you or any makeup or skin care, and can not forget the candles and household items. But how to offer something useful to the consumer; consumption and use on a regular basis? Anyway that interest you and your product or line that feels really can advertise and sell - make sure that you create. Do your research on the product, the company and its rating in the industry, maybe even call their online customer service and see how the agent knows about the company and how well, or not well, which are you. How are you paid? Weekly, monthly, or vice versa? You can be behind the company? Do you see yourself selling products and is serious about building a business that is supported by the company of your choice? Do you know anything about the business owner? How to manage your business? They are good for your employees? Are they compatible with charity and giving back to the community? What is most important when choosing your new business?


LOOK AT THE STRUCTURE OF THE COMMISSION. You find a company and a product that can be proud to represent. Now what? Be sure to go through the whole structure of how they will be paid. as business grows and this premium obtained from the sale, the signing of new team members and there is an option of residual income? Most companies have a wage structure that allows you to get a percentage of sales of the person who registers for your own business. However safety and waste? What can build a legacy business and leave it for your children when you give birth? Is it even something you're interested in? You must know the long-term benefits and the salary scale of the company you choose, not just how "fat" the check is in the beginning.


Who is your audience and customers. a hearing is necessary. As advertised? Facebook friends? Colleagues of the past? parents and family? Who will be your audience will help you advertise your new business? If you know that going to be your customers? Moms? Potatoes? Teens? The older generation or men or women or students who just finished? popular fashion or they are happy for the best? Who will market and your customers see they are. The best way to choose a company is the largest customer base. Something men and women and everyone can come primarily to use. You may not sell as many costume jewelry for a person before the customer does not have money or things to wear jewelry.


START. Ok, has made a decision in business, you pay the costs of starting up and get a kit or registered as a customer to promote their products and use them to have the ideal concept of how to "brag" about what you offer Your clients. Now what? Now is the time to connect with your audience and ask them to help you get started. Does that mean that the party guest house Talk or take in the neighborhood barbecue? How the cards and Internet advertising and social networks? Outside. The only way to succeed is to go out and talk to people - go out and do your thing - advertising your business, calendar, and spread the word.


I work hard every day. It is not always easy. Alert to work every day for a year or two to build a good solid business. Whether you are with friends, work out in the gym or shopping store - keep an eye on how to continue growing the business and the market you are trying to build their future. Do not give up your dreams if you want to do with your life. It will not be easy. You can return to all these success stories, and I'm not sure any of them, if you really sit down and talk with them, they gave them. Nothing great comes without hard work and dedication. Even if you feel it's time to leave - think again.

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